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Ever wondered how those guys on TV do it? Years before Gourmet Cookery we were astonished at how those famous TV chefs could make gourmet cooking look so tantalizing and so easy. Of course you too have probably wondered how Emeril goes Bap, Zap and Bap again and magically there it all is. Plus it looks like a picture. With Gourmet Cookery you can do it too - without the Bap.

If you want to simply prepare a gourmet meal with all the trimmings then you have come to the right place. Or you can get maximum fancy or "Hoity-toity" if you want. The Gourmet Cookery coaches you through each step of the way from planning and buying to serving your culinary creations.

We want you to enjoy those savory moments when your family and guests marvel at your very best with a little help from our Gourmet Cookery recipes. We classify our recipes by geographical region and culture. See our collection of recipes.


For instance, simply cooking award winning chili would be found at Southwestern U.S.. Clever, huh?

It's all here at the Gourmet Cookery including the Mixed Drinks or wines that you may want to serve with your creations. Choose some Party Foods. And while we're at it, we will even help you with the list of liquors or liqueurs required for the mixed drinks you select for your parties. And no we haven't left out Gourmet Coffee and Gourmet Tea - we'll take you there.

As we grow we expect to have something for everyone for a truly Global Gourmet set of choices. Our gourmet kitchen also concentrates on meals for families and people on the go who don't have the time to spend all day preparing a meal. In short, we make it simple and fast for you.

By the way, the Gourmet Cookery leaves Hummingbird Tongues, Walrus Loins and Gazelle steaks for another day. We go out of the way to keep it simple and provide you with ideas that don't require exotic impossible ingredients or hunting down prey for dinner. You'll just have to find some way to tell your Eskimo friends that the local grocer simply refuses to stock walrus, seal or polar bear.

If the ingredients we call for aren't already in your kitchen they can easily be found at your local grocer or our affiliated online merchants. To make it easy, we'll point you there if we know a source of what you may need in a recipe. Usually we'll recommend several options available to you on any really weird stuff. Plus we help you focus on good nutrition at the same time. So you know exactly what you, your family and friends are taking into their bodies. On the selfish side, we want you to be healthy so you'll come back and visit us often. And of course because we like you.

Gourmet Cookery will help you do it all from preparing the menu to preparing the food, and finally serving your epicurean audience in style, elegance and grace.

Grilling & Barbequing, Cookbooks, Kitchen Tools & Cookware, A Cooking Glossary, Canning from the first idea to final product

Food History - Our exciting Food History begins with cooking meat over an open fire 10,000 years ago up to today's gourmet recipes.

Gourmet Travel  - Plan your gourmet travel vacation around the culinary arts as a perfect way to immerse yourself into the history and character of a people from their cooking methods, the spices they use and their best ingredients.

Drink -  includes how to select and make mixed drinks or pick that perfectly right wine, exciting coffee or exotic tea for the most discriminating gourmet.

Nutrition - Be healthy "The Atkins Way"

Newsletter - Your subscription to the "Life of Spice" Newsletter keeps you in touch and in tune with the latest gourmet cooking tools, trends, Food and Drink tasting events plus new foods and the latest nutrition.

Recipes -  Our Recipes will guide you step by step through planning, buying and preparing each gourmet food selection you choose for your Menu.

Gifts -

Menu Planning - Menu Planning is an exciting creative step by step plan beginning with
the weather forecast, the arrival of your guests, a total Food and Drink List for the event, to saying goodbye and cleanup.

Cooking Tools - Includes Cookware & Cooking Measurements Tables

Gourmet Homes - Find or build a dream Gourmet Home that fits your idea of what the perfect
kitchen, dining and entertaining areas should be like for your life style. We'll help you be The Judge.

Serving - Deliver your creation to your family and friends with beam smiling pride

Buying - Buying food ingredients for your menu seems like it would be easy once you have Plan A put together, but its not always - so we'll help you.

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